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The Nursery Groups

Puddleducks 6 weeks to 12 months & Squirrel Nutkins 12 months to 26 months


These precious babies are cared for in our baby room. They have a separate play room and quiet/sleep room. They have an attached changing room and access to the outdoor area. They start visiting the next group around the age of 18 months with a member of staff from the baby room and will move up permanently when they are ready, following a Progress check meeting between staff and parents. High regard is given to the character and development of the child, the wishes and feelings of the parents together with the knowledge of the staff who work with that baby so that this transition happens at the right time and stage for the baby.


Teenywinkles 21 months to 30 months & Tiddywinkles 24 months to 38 months


The babies move to the Teenywinkle group and join the younger two year olds. They have their own dedicated play area within the two year room. Once again the younger children start in the Teenywinkle room and will move to the Tiggywinkle group when individually ready. Staff will do a Two Year Progress check and parents will be invited for a meeting to go through this and contribute to it. The Teenywinkles and Tiggywinkles have times where they join together and enjoy free flow play where they have access to all play areas, the outdoors, the snack table etc.


Peter Rabbit Group 34 months to school entry


When children are around 3 years they move to the Peter Rabbit group. This group is divided into Younger Peter Rabbits and Older Peter Rabbits, both having their own separate areas as well as  a creative room, their own toilet block with child sized toilets and wash basins, and another play room. The children have access to the outdoor area, they have times of free flow play where they have choice to be inside or outside and they have access to a wide variety of learning areas.


School Club


School aged children from reception to 11 years We offer a before and after school club to St Johns Primary School. Children can attend from 7am,have breakfast and are taken to school. They can be collected from school, have a choice of a cooked or cold tea and can stay until 6pm. In school holidays we offer a school holiday club for full days anytime from 7am to6pm, 9am to 3pm days or morning or afternoon sessions. The children have a wide variety of activities, outings and can attend from any school. Please note, we take children from any school in holiday periods.


Outdoor Area


We have an excellent outdoor area for all the children to enjoy. The main outdoor play area has a specialised soft surface for safety, lots of choice of activities and equipment, as well as a large sandpit, amazing pirate ship and a summer house for an extra learning environment.


There is a growing area where the children grow fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers, as well as a mud kitchen in which children are free to explore and enjoy. There is also a buggy shelter for parents who need to leave their buggy at nursery during their child's session. The children go on walks around the locality and the nursery has a 6 seater buggy to assist with this.