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About Us

Strategic Aims:


Provide a quality day care for children that enables parents to feel secure and happy about leaving their child in our care


To create an environment that gives the child a sense of security, and allows them to enjoy and learn through play


To respect and value each child as an individual, and in so doing, teach the child to respect and value others


To offer the children stimulating and creative learning opportunities to nuture them to reach their full potential in all areas of their lives.

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To ensure equality of access for all children whatever their background or personal circumstance, and to endorse an awareness of others beliefs, culture and family tradition.


To provide the children with a firm knowledge of the learning objectives from the Early Years Foundation stage, to take them smoothly into their school and everyday lives.


To maintain links with other professionals, within childcare and education, so as to be aware and to have access to the best in all areas of the job that may be needed.


To work in partnership with parents and guardians to ensure the best care is given to their child.


To keep abreast of good practice in childcare and education to maintain a high quality provision.